Techniques to improve driving skill

Driving should not be taken as a joke; negligence in driving can create a serious accident. When you go behind the wheel or vehicle, you are working on a risky piece of machines. So, proper knowledge and skill is required to become a good driver. Once you achieve some skills to improve your driving technique, it ought to be the art of smooth driving. If you want to achieve driving skills then you need to read this article till end.

To make you a proficient driver, here are some secret techniques to improve driving skills:


Braking can be done quicker than accelerating so the forces occupied holds superior potential to unsettle the stability of your car and generate the loss of grip. You need to compress the brake pedal efficiently without stamping on the brakes and without getting into the habit to let ABS to shake-up the locked wheels. This does not indicate that you are unable to push the pedal hardly but assure that the pressing and releasing actions are progressive. This certainly keeps transfer spikes to the least decreasing the chances of unwanted transfers and wheel-lock.

Take a self-protective driving course

Driving course does not only help to improve your driving skills but I can also be very helpful to acquire a driving license. So, make proper use of internet and search driving courses within your area and start taking the course as soon as possible.

Keep your hands on the wheel at the proper positions

Few years ago, most of the driving instructor used to teach their students to keep their hands on the steering at 10 and 2 position on the clock. Now, the rule has been updated, now it is taught to put the hands lower at 9 and 3 or 8 and 4. This surely provides you more power and permanence at the time you drive and holding the hands for a long time is the most ergonomic position. Keeping your hands on the wheels in proper position soon makes you a proficient driver.

Pay more attention on the speed

Every one of us desire to reach our destination quickly, however, driving with a high speed can increase the risk of getting road accidents or injuries. Thus, to become a proficient driver, you need to pay more attention on the speed. Do not risk your life to get your destination fast instead you can drive bit earlier.

Changing Gear

While you change up or down try to avoid shock loads via transmission which is very important mostly within a powerful vehicle. While you change down, releasing the grasp speedily can consequence in speedy forward weight transfer and in most of the tremendous cases, the drive wheels can get locked as well. Thus, do not change the gear in hurry and make sure you are well prepared by choosing a gear that allows you to accelerate out.

To wrap up,

These are the secret techniques which will help you to improve your driving skills. Moreover, driving also lets you to minimize shifting of weight making the most of the final bit of grip and maintain the speeds. On the way, it also creates a contented drive for you and your traveler saving the fuel.

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